CBSE Class 9

The CBSE class 9 is very much important for a students life, it builds the foundation for higher classes and thus it is important that students should learn the class 9 topics thoroughly. In class 9 many new topics are introduced like atoms and molecules, tissues, laws of motion, and sound. Topics which are provided here are the basics, whose higher level concepts will be taught in further classes. So learning the basics will help the students to understand the advanced concepts quickly.

CBSE Class 9th Class Syllabus

The Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE is one of the most preferred educational board of India and it has acquired this status by quality education that CBSE schools are known for. The CBSE syllabus is designed in such a way that it offers conceptual background and lays the groundwork for the class 10 Board Exams. The proper understanding of class 9 syllabus can help the students not only to crack the class 9 annual examination, but it also plays an important role during class 10th board examination.


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CBSE Class 9 Study Material

To score good marks in the examination students should study from good books and they should keep track of important changes and having enough reference materials and sample papers will help the students to perform better in class 9 examinations.

CBSE Class 9 Exam Pattern

    • According to the latest exam pattern, schools will conduct class 9 examination for 80 marks in each subject.


    • The passing marks for each subject are 33% of 80 marks.


  • Grades and marks both will be awarded for the individual subject.
Internal 20 marks
    • The internal is divided into various parts.


    • 5 Marks for notebook submission.


    • 5 Marks for subject enrichment activity.


  • Periodic Test 10 marks – Each periodic test carries 10 marks, the average of two or three tests to be taken for final marks submission.


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