CBSE Class 7

CBSE class 7 is one of the most important phase of a students life, in this class students are introduced to many topics like nutrition in plants and animals, heat, acids bases and salts, physical and chemical changes, weather, climate and adaptation of  animals to climate, soils and their types, respiration in organism. These are some of the important topics of class 7 science from examination point of view.


Class 7 Syllabus

The subjects and topics that are included in the class 7 are the basics and fundamental concepts of the topics. Understanding these topics are very much important to understand the concepts in higher classes. The mathematics and science subjects for class 7 are designed in such a way that, students can easily understand and implement those in their daily life. To help students we have provided the latest CBSE syllabus for class 7. Visit the below link to get the latest class 7 syllabus.


CBSE Class 7 Syllabus

Study Materials

To ace any exam with good marks students should follow some good textbooks and study materials. The NCERT books for class 7 are one of the best study materials for the students of class 7. Students are also advised to make study notes while studying. Having a study note handy will help the students to go through the notes while revising for any upcoming examination. 

Class 7 Exam Pattern

  • According to the latest exam pattern, there will be 2 sessions in a year.
  • The term 1 examination and term 2 examinations will have 100 marks each, in which 20 marks is for periodic assessment of each term.
  • The passing marks for class 7 examination is 33% of 80 marks.


To score good marks in the class 7 examination students should solve previous year questions as well as sample papers. Solving them will help the students to know about the various types of questions as well as about their marking scheme.


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